HOS walk by Doug YellandThe walks below are in month order, follow the link below.   

The leaders' names and contact information are shown in the description of each walk.


Walk Categories


A) Easy - a fairly short walk over relatively flat ground with no/few stiles.
B) A little more demanding - longer distance and/or gentle hills but with no/few stiles.
C) Medium difficulty - moderate distance and/or moderate hills and/or a moderate number of stiles.
D) Strenuous - long distance and/or steep hills and/or many stiles.

A few walks may be are joint with other societies and organisations. For joint walks with the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, a collection will be made for donations towards the Trust.   



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Wednesday 3rd May – Lucy Hill


Leader Dave Munday (01489 576641)     9.00am until 1.00pm


Meet in the car park at SU227045 on the right of the Burley to Lyndhurst road alongside the Burley New Inclosure. Watch out for the car park sign. We will walk the heath and woodland looking for a variety of species to include Cuckoo, various Warblers, Woodlark and Woodpeckers. Good boots are a must. Bring lunch.

Walk category C.


Sunday 7th May – Dawn Chorus at Stockbridge Down


Leader Julian Moseley (02380 779850)   4.00am until 10.30/11.00am


Meet in the top car park at SU375347. We will make our way (in the dark so torches would be useful) to somewhere near the top where we will wait for sunrise and the accompanying bird song. Subsequently it is intended to do a short walk around the area for migrants, down land flora or whatever people are interested in.

Walk category A/B.


Sunday 7th May – King’s Pond and Neatham Down

Leader Peter E. Hutchins (07895 388378)         10.00 until 13:00 (4 Miles)


Meet at SU723394 – the King’s Pond car park – off Ashdell Road, Alton (OS Landranger 185). A walk about King’s Pond to take in the local wildfowl, heronry and newly territorial migrants, followed by a circuit of the farm and woodland south of the town; also, taking in Worldham Park Golf Club, Windmill Hill and the redwoods of the more urban Alton where further migrants, raptors, game birds, larks, pipit and a wide range of botany and invertebrates can be expected. Booking for this walk is essential and should be completed on http://www.alton.gov.uk/Walking_Festival_6410.aspx or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Part of the Alton Walking Festival

Walk category B / C 


Saturday 20th May – Bolderwood


Leaders Marcus Ward (07749 375994), Rob Clements & Russell Wynn    8.00am until 11.00am/mid-day


Meet at Bolderwood car park (SU242086) for a walk around the Bolderwood/Highland Water area looking for NF woodland specialities, in particular Hawfinch and Firecrest although a broad range of species should be seen.

Walk category A/B.


Sunday 21st May – Otmoor RSPB


Leader Peter E. Hutchins (07895 388378)         14.00 until 17:00 (3 Miles)


Meet at SP570126 – the reserve car park – this at the northern end of Otmoor Lane (OS Landranger 165). A visit to one of the RSPB’s flagship reserves in the south. Turtle Dove and Grasshopper Warbler are to be hoped for amongst the large number of summer migrants now on territory, waders, warblers, hirundines and flycatchers amongst these whilst residents including the now-breeding Bittern. The farmland and wetlands will provide a wide array of birdlife, as well as the opportunity to refresh oneself with the management that has taken this reserve to its current notable status.

Walk category B


Wednesday 24th May – Petty’s Brook & The River Loddon


Leader Peter E. Hutchins (07895 388378)         18.30 until 21:00 (3 Miles)


Meet at SU668522 – this on the northern side of Whitmarsh Lane, Chineham (OS Landranger 175). An evening walk to take in the wetter habitats to the north of Basingstoke, reedbed, marsh and water meadows to be covered looking for herons, waders, wildfowl and hirundines. All three of the woodpeckers are possible in the woodlands to be walked, as are good numbers of migrant warblers, finches, buntings and roding Woodcock. The treatment works attract in numbers of gulls, wagtails and pipits with the adjacent fields adding larks, gamebirds and foraging corvids. Three owl species are regularly encountered here during the evenings. Part of the RSPB Basingstoke Local Group Evening Walks Programme

Walk category B



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Thursday 1st June – Hambledon and Broadhalfpenny Down


Leader Nick Wiley (01489 893226 or 07747 151160)10.00am until 3.00pm (5½ miles)


Park where you can in Hambledon Village and meet by the Vine Inn at SU645150 (O/S 196) for this walk over farmland and chalk land including Broadshalfpenny Down the cradle of cricket looking for Summer migrants and resident farmland birds. There are some styles and path could be muddy after rain. Bring lunch and a drink.

Walk category C.


Saturday 10th June – Bishopestoke, Brambridge and Allbrooke.


Leader John Clark (02380 618604)10.00am until 2.30pm (4 miles)


Meet at the River Inn car park off  Fairoak road (SU4669819097 – Sat Nav. SO50 6LD) for this circular walk from Bishopstoke to Brambridge, Allbrook and down the river valley back to Bishopstoke looking for birds of the season. Bring coffee/lunch. etc. Please note that there may be a parking charge.

Walk category B.


Saturday 17th June – New Forest, Roding for the uninitiated


Leader Dave Munday (01489 576641)8.00pm until Approx. 10.00pm


Meet opposite South Mead cottage (SU239051) on the Burley to Lyndhurst Road when we will then proceed to Burley Old Inclosure for an evening of Woodcock roding, Owl calls and Nightjar purring. Bring a torch and your very best insect repellent/insect hood. Stout footwear/boots are recommended as access to the Inclosure can be muddy after rain. 

Walk category A. Note - This exercise is weather dependent so please phone leader in advance to check if the exercise is on.


Wednesday 21st June – The Basingstoke Canal & Odiham Common


Leader Peter E. Hutchins (07895 388378)                 18.30 until 21:00 (2 Miles)


Meet at SU747517 – The Wharf car park – this at the northern end of London Road, Odiham (OS Landranger 186). An evening walk to take in the bird / wildlife about the canal and the much less regularly visited common. The quieter parts of the canal and adjacent waters hold Little Grebe, Kingfisher and an occasional Mandarin with summer visitors in the form of Reed and Sedge Warbler about the canal banks, Chiffchaff, Blackcap and other sylvia warblers amongst the overhanging salix. Over the common, where the Forester will hopefully be seen, hirundines will be hawking and both dragon and damselflies may attract local Hobby. The lighter woodland here may well hold family parties of tits, crests, woodpeckers and Spotted Flycatcher, as well as those species straying from the canal side vegetation. Part of the RSPB Basingstoke Local Group Evening Walks Programme.

Walk category B


Saturday 24th June – Testwood, Nursling and Lower Test


Leader Phil Budd (07748 236666)10.00am until 2.20pm (4½ miles)


Meet at Testwood Lake car park (SU347152) for this walk on flat ground with a few stiles. We will be looking for birds of the summer and other wildlife of park land and marsh land. Bring coffee/lunch.

Walk category A.


Saturday 24th June - Hampshire Swifts Day


Hampshire Swifts (in conjunction with Hampshire Ornithological Society), Portsmouth local RSPB Group and HIWWT will host the Portsmouth Swift day. The inspirational and renowned Swift expert, Edward Mayer from Swift Conservation, will be speaking about what we can all do to help conserve these fabulous birds. There will also be local experts on hand to provide advice, exhibits, children's activities and walks. There is a café on site for refreshments.


The event takes place at Milton Village Hall, 182 Milton Road, Southsea, Hants, PO4 8PR with the doors opening around 1330.


For more details see the Swift Conservation page. 


Sunday 25th June – Martin Down NNR


Leader Peter E. Hutchins (07895 388378)         14.00 until 17.00 (4 Miles)


Meet at SU0571912 – the ‘grass’ reserve car park – this off the southern end of Sillen Lane, Martin (OS Landranger 184). One of the largest areas of chalk grassland still extant in the country and the place to both hear and see Turtle Dove in the county. The grassland and woodland / scrub support a wide range of botany and invertebrates which in turn assures a wide range of both resident and migratory avian species – the latter to perhaps include Quail and Spotted Flycatcher and good numbers of both sylvia and phylloscopus warblers. Residents include Grey Partridge, Corn Bunting, Yellowhammer and Meadow Pipit; butterflies, day-flying moths and the plants also helping to ensure a busy afternoon on site.

Walk category C 


Wednesday 28th June – Woodgarston & Piccadilly Hill


Leader Doug. Kelson (07786 647784)         18.30 until 21:00 (2 Miles)


Meet at SU588488 – the large lay-by on the northern side of the A339 (OS Landranger 185). An evening walk to take in an area of almost unvisited farmland and copses between Basingstoke and Kingsclere. Target species for the walk include Grey Partridge, Stonechat, Red Kite, Barn and Little Owl. Both resident and summer migrants are expected, though what may be present is yet to be confirmed! Do your bit, come along and find something as yet unknown and unexpected! Part of the RSPB Basingstoke Local Group Evening Walks Programme.

Walk category B 



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Saturday 1st July - Kings Hat Inclosure.


Leader Ted Barnes (02380 266774/07811 049281)10.30am until 12.30pm (2¼ miles)


Meet in the car park at SU386054 (OL22) for this walk through the Inclosure containing both coniferous and deciduous woodland and heath land. Possible species include Redstart, Woodlark, and Raptors. Some Orchids may also be seen.

Walk category B.


Monday 10th July – Lymington Evening Swift Walk


Leader Andy Broadhurst (01590 622907)7pm until 9.30pm


Park in the main car park behind Marks and Spencer on St Thomas’s Street ( SZ321963 - Post Code SO419NA)(free from 6pm) and meet at the ticket machines. We will do a tour of the Swift breeding sites and enjoy some low-flying screaming parties. The walk will end at the Kings Arms on St Thomasd’s Street for refreshments and a close encounter with breeding Swifts.

Walk category A. – Note that good sightings of Swift’s are dependent on fine weather so please call the leader in advance of travelling to check if the walk is on.


Sunday 23rd July – Magdalen Hill Down BC


Leader Peter E. Hutchins (07895 388378)         14.00 until 16.30 (2.5 Miles)


Meet at SU510295 – the Magdalen Hill Cemetery car park – this on the northern side of the B3404 (OS Landranger 185). This Butterfly Conservation reserve on the outskirts of Winchester should provide a ‘quiet’ Sunday afternoon’s birding away from the nearby bustle of the city. The management of this reserve for lepidoptera has also drawn birds to the site, Kestrel sometimes present in good numbers post-breeding whilst Buzzard are also often obvious. Both farmland and scrub-loving species are to be anticipated, including warblers, buntings, larks, pipits and finches whilst the nearby treatment works and more open farmland add gulls, waders, gamebirds and further raptors. The time of the visit, both in the year and day, will also ensure that there’s much to be seen apart from the birdlife present – butterflies, day-flying moths and other invertebrates and the plant life associated with them providing ample distractions.

Walk category B / C



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Saturday 5th August - Warsash


Leader Ted Barnes (078110 492810/02380 266774)10.00am until 2.00pm (3 – 4 miles)


Meet in the Passage Lane car park north of the marina (SU489062) for this walk looking mainly for summer residents on the shore and the scrape at Hook. Bring coffee/lunch.

Walk category B. 


Sunday 20th August – Crookham & Greenham Commons


Leader Doug. Kelson (07786 647784)         09.00 until 13:00 (3 Miles)


Meet at SU523645 – the Crookham Common car park – this at the junction of Old Thornford Road and Crookham Common Road (OS Landranger 174). The heath, its pools and the woodland that surround this disused USAF site are busy with southbound migrants at this time of year, waders and chats often particularly of note. The search for such species will invariably locate residents including Dartford Warbler, Woodlark, Stonechat and Woodcock whilst Nightingale, Nightjar, Whinchat and both sylvia and phylloscopus warblers may be among those lingering from the breeding season, or recently arrived for short autumnal sojourns.

Walk category B


Sunday 27th August - Twyford, Owselbury and Henstig


Leader Phil Budd (07748 236666)10.00am until 4.00pm (5.5 Miles)


Meet at SU483242 – Hunters Park car park – Off Park Lane Twyford (OS Landranger 185). We will walk up Park Lane and then along Love Lane and then along Monarch’s Way to Owselbury. Then Water Lane to Henstig and, finally back to Twyford past Park Copse and Gabriel’s Copse. Hope to see summer bird activity and other wildlife. Mainly farmland, village, hedgerow and grassland. Bring coffee/lunch.

Walk category B/C.