Tawny Owl – surveys 2005-06


Tawny Owl by Ian WilliamsonThe BTO suspect that national Tawny Owl numbers might have fallen by a third since 1994, which suggested a dramatic change.


Two national surveys were therefore arranged for autumn and winter of 2005-06. The first survey was a repeat of the 1989 sample point-count survey, and this was completed in early autumn 2005. The preliminary results suggested, if anything, a slight increase in the Hampshire population. Full local results are given in the 2005 Hampshire Bird Report.


The second survey was undertaken by garden bird-watchers, and involved listening for Tawny Owls for a twenty-minute period each week in their garden. This survey continued throughout the 2005-06 winter from October to April, and the results have demonstrated that calling birds are much more likely to be heard during the early part of the winter.